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Top 5 Freelancing Websites 2020 | Best And Most Active Freelancing Websites 2021

Freelancers are looking to make more money now than ever before. Whether you are freelancing all the time, looking for a few pounds or a dollar, or looking for a freelancer to help you with a job, these are some of the top 5 freelance websites that you have Should consider in 2020.

Of course, there are many different factors that make a website great for freelancers. They can range from the number and variety of jobs available to freelancers, the frequency of introducing new opportunities, and of course one of the most important factors - how diligent they are when it comes to paying for your services.

Top 5 Freelancing Websites 2020

Top 5 Freelancing Websites in 2020

  2. Toptal
  3. Upwork
  4. Fiverr
  5. People Per Hour Freelancing Website is a blessing for small companies who need expertise from website production and logo design to writing and marketing to assist with anything.It is easy to use by companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and Intel: companies that sign up for work, post tasks that need to be completed and then they can instantly receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes.

As a freelancer, you can then bid for the work and, if selected, complete it and get paid safely. Freelancers can upload examples of their previous work, keep track of their progress while completing work, and interact with Hyer using a live chat function.

Toptal Freelancing Website

Toptal is about helping all companies find the top tier (3%) of world class freelancers. It ranges from developers to designers, finance specialists, project managers and product managers. Used by companies such as Motorola and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, Topalt hires industry experts who match companies with freelancers to ensure that both get the right fit.

As a freelancer, you have to go through a rigorous screening process, measured on factors that test everyone, from your language and personality to skills. There is also live screening practice and you will need to participate in test projects. While this means that the barriers to entry are higher than other freelance websites, it offers more attractive rewards.

Upwork Freelancing Website

Used by companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb and GE, Upwork matches up with companies that want to work on large specialized and complex projects. It spans many areas - from web, mobile and software development to design and creative; Writing; sales and marketing; Admin support; customer service; even more.

After the company posts a project, freelancers can apply to work on it, choosing between long-term contracts or short-term ones (to work on one-off tasks). Upwork's platform allows hirers and freelancers to communicate easily through their online chat and video call systems, ensuring that they are always clear to work on hand.

Fiverr Freelancing Website

For many clients, posting a job on a freelancing website is the best way to cut costs. The freelancing platform allows you to get the best talent at your own price range. However, if you want to get your work done at the cheapest rates in the market, try Fiverr. As the name indicates, Fiverr started as a platform, where each gig cost only $ 5. Although this platform has evolved over the years and now sees projects being posted anywhere between $ 5 to $ 10,000, its DNA has not changed.

People Per Hour Freelancing Website

More than £ 130 million has been earned by People Freelancers at People Hour, which is used by around 1 million businesses and 2.4 million freelancers. The website connects businesses to an international community of freelancers whose services are constantly reviewed and completed.

It spans a wide range of categories - everything from Froof M3D printing to asset management, German translators, Ghost Writers and Facebook consultants. The website's nifty project writing tool helps companies hire companies who need help before they can use AI and contact the most appropriate freelancers, for jobs - who can answer. needed.

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Bangla Tech Blog - All Bangla Technology Blog Site List

All Bangla Technology Website or Blog Site List : Technology is the most important part of our lives. In our daily life we face many technical problems. We always find solutions to our problems on the internet. Earlier there was no Bangla blog site in Bangladesh. Then we who do not understand English, could not find a solution to the problem from the internet.

Bangla Tech Blog - All Bangla Technology Blog Site List

So, These were  most popular  Bangla Technology blog or  Websites List. If you are using any other Bangla Tech blog site then let us know in the comment box.

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Blogger Adsense approval Tricks in 2020

Blogger Adsense approval Tricks in 2020

At first check, your blog is eligible for Google AdSense.

  •       A new domain AdSense cannot be approved, it must be at least 1 month old (or older).

  •       A blog or website must be fully developed.

  •       The design of a blog must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

  •       You must be 18 years old to participate in AdSense as a publisher.

 Why Google Rejects AdSense Ads?

  •       Poor Site Navigation.
  •      Because of Scrapped or re-written content or insufficient content.
  •     Multiple Adsense accounts.
  •     Monetized by other Ad Network Platforms.
  •     Invalid Pageviews or Traffic.


New Blog Adsense Approval Trick in 2020:

  •     Write Reader-friendly Content.
  •     Content length must be more than 600 words.
  •     Minimum 22 posts must be published.
  •     Copyright free images.
  •     No Adult content.
  •     Clean & professional design
  •     easy site navigation
  •     Mobile friendly
  •     proper menu & sub-menu facility
  •     fast loading
  •     SEO friendly
  •  Minimum daily 30 to 120 Pageviews.
  • Submit your website with sitemap & robots.txt file in Google webmaster tool.
  • Check if your website is not blocked by Google crawler.

About us, Contact us  & Privacy Policy Pages:

Write about us, Contact & privacy policy page for your website. Never use any online tools to generate about,Contact & privacy policy page. Include all the information about your website, content,Contact, terms & condition inside the About Us,Contact & privacy policy page.


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Blogspot On Page SEO Checklist 2020: Complete On-Page SEO Tips and techniques for Bloggers

Blogspot SEO Checklist 2020: BlogSpot is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. This means that Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important for every blogger
You can start your dream blog today with BlogSpot for free.

If you want your blogger blog to rank high in search results and wants to increase your website or blogger traffic, then optimizing your blog for search engines is very important. If you want to know how to do SEO for Blogspot, then you landed at the right place. As I have researched online I have established a lot of results related to this, but I have not seen any posts on this topic with a complete SEO guide on Blogger Blogspot.

Blogspot on page SEO  Checklist Guide 2020

In this article, I have put SEO optimization tips that will help you get a head start, even if you are completely new to blog SEO. Google's ever-changing algorithms, search engine optimization (SEO) can be difficult. Some techniques for SEO purposes may seem like two conflicting goals to attract and entice your audience.

Blogspot SEO Checklist 2020


Proper Post Titles for Blogger

If you are doing SEO for Blogger then the title of your post is also important as it plays a major role in search engine optimization.

An example of a proper post title is shown in the image below.
How To Start A Wordpress Blog With - Bloggeratoz

16 Killer Blogspot SEO Tips for bloggers: Blogspot Seo Tutorial

(On page seo techniques 2020)  Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML tags that are provided to search engines to know the title, description, keywords, etc. of a URL. These HTML tags will help you in ranking your website on Google. If you have already added all the SEO plugin for Blogspot mentioned above then there is no need to add these as it will create many meta tags.

You should also be careful with these tags and include main keywords in them as these are very important for reading and understanding search bots.

Post URL (on page seo checklist 2020)

The URL of a blog post, also known as Permalink, is also very important for your blog SEO. This can play an important role in ranking your posts in search results as it is also important for blogspot with every part of search engine optimization.

There are some points that you need to remember when creating or editing your Permalink.

Do not exceed your post title by 60 characters.
 Do not use such short words in your Permalink (The, A, I, N etc.)

When you publish your post, your blogger post's permalink is automatically created the same as your post title, but if you want to change or edit your permalink, you can use the You can do this as shown in the picture below.

(On page seo techniques 2020) Proper Headings

Heading tags are very valuable to be used in your text paragraphs because these headings such as H1, H2 and H3 organize the content of your blog in a proper way so that it is very easy to understand by your website visitors and search engines.

We use the H1 tag for our blog post title and the H2 tag for the post title, but some blogger templates require you to customize these settings as they are not by default. So follow my steps below to fix it.

Go to your Blogger Template Editor.
Search for H3 and convert it from CSS to HTML to H2 all H3 title tags. There may be 8 or 9 so change it all.

Keyword Density (on page seo checklist 2020)

If you want high rankings then it is very important for you to take care of Keyword Density because using too many keywords will be considered as compensating for the keywords which will hurt your SEO a lot and not using enough keywords will not work for you.

You need to be careful with inserting keywords in your post. You should place keywords where they are needed and which do not bother your readers as well as search engines.

Try to focus on 1 or 2 keywords per post that will help you focus on achieving your goal.

Using long-tail keywords in your posts would be more thankful as users have been trying keywords for a long time and in this way you can build the right type of website traffic that you want.

There are specific parts where you should include your main keywords and they are the title, header, body and Meta description and the URL of your post.

Keyword density checker tools 2020 free

 (On page seo techniques 2020) Optimize Images

A blog post should not only contain text, but we should add related pictures that can easily explain our post. Picture is not only added to beautify a post, but it also plays an important role in search engines if we optimize picture properly for image SEO.

To easily optimize Blogger images you should use Alt text and title in every image uploaded to your blog post. This will help you drive some extra traffic from picture search engines like Google Image Search.

 (On page seo checklist 2020) Internal Linking for Better SEO

Internal link pages are the most important part of SEO because it plays an important role in ranking your posts for your targeted keywords and internal links have many more benefits if you do it correctly.

The first benefit is that visitors stay on your blog longer. If you have useful content inside your post, your bounce rate will be better than ever as long as visitors are looking at your website.

The second benefit from internal links is that you will get a higher ranking in the search results for your posts that you link to inside your content because it will tell the search engines how important and useful the content of your blog is.

External Links (on page seo techniques 2020)

External links are links in your blog that point to other domains and when you add Nofollow's HTML attribute to an external link it indicates to search engines not to crawl a specified URL.

Primarily we use a no-follow tag if the website we are pointing to is a low quality website or the website is not reliable. If you want to improve the ranking of your website in search engines, then adding the Nofollow attribute to a low quality website, affiliate link and advertising banner is very important.

(On page seo checklist 2020) Google Search Console

The most powerful tool for blog SEO is the GoogleSearch Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. This tool can manage your blog search functionality and you can improve your blog's presence in search engines.

How to use Google Search Console /webmaster tools for Blogger SEO and why it is important.

To improve your blog in Google Search Console, do the following:

Search presence: to improve your appearance in search

Search Traffic: To check your blog traffic statistics

Google index: to index or remove URL

Crawl: To check for errors, submit a sitemap and test Robots.txt.

Submit Blogger Sitemap (on page seo checklist 2020)

A sitemap is a guide for search engines to get all the information on the site. If you are doing SEO for blogger then it is very important for you to create and submit sitemap for blogger.

When creating a sitemap for Blogspot you need to put a simple code in your Robots.txt file.

What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a file with a simple code that tells the search engines how to index and crawl a website to show up in search results. So this is how you get organic traffic from search.

And with this help you can also restrict search engine bots to not crawl some URLs like your label and other pages which is not so important.

Custom robot header tag

You must enable the custom robot header tag in Blogger as it maximizes the visibility of your Blogspot blog in search results.

Enabling your custom robot header tag in blogspot is very simple just follow the steps below and you are all good.

How to enable custom robot header tag?

 First go to your Blogger Blog Dashboard >> Setting >> Search Preferences. There you can see the custom robot header tag under crawler and indexing.

Page Speed Optimization for Blogger (on page seo techniques 2020)

Page speed is the most important factor of on-page SEO for Blogspot. The faster your blog loads, the more popular search engines are likely to rank higher. If your blog takes longer to load then your visitors will bounce and bounce rate will increase which will damage your website ranking in search results. You can see our post below to improve blog speed.

There are many tools that you can use to check the speed of your blog. I would recommend you to use Google Page Speed ​​Insights which can show you the current page load time in mobile and desktop and it will also suggest you what changes you can make to increase your blog load more quickly.

(On page seo checklist 2020) Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly is very valuable to Google as they have updated their algorithms in the past and it is a ranking factor for search engine optimization to make your blogger blog mobile friendly.

If your blog is mobile friendly then it will also reduce your bounce rate because non mobile friendly blogs will not look like they look in your desktop.

So you should choose a mobile responsive template for your blog because more than one billion users worldwide use Google in their phones for search and if your site is mobile friendly then you have the benefit of getting traffic from mobile devices Will happen.

Build Backlinks for Blogspot (on page seo techniques 2020)

You want more and more people to visit your site? The more visitors you have, the better your chances of earning money from your efforts.

Having a great looking blog is a start, and adding quality content rich with SEO keywords is another step in the right direction. Of course, these are not the only things that can help your site increase rankings and attract visitors' attention.

Backlinks are one of the best ways to ensure that you have more visitors to your site. Quality backlinks can help you increase search engine rankings, and they can make it a lot easier for those who need your blog to find it.

Here are some ways by which you can start building your backlinks. They are easy, cost effective, and they work.

(On page seo checklist 2020) USE Free Responsive Blogger Templates

A search engine optimized (SEO) platform along with being highly user friendly; Blogspot is great for blogging in any niche due to its high security and quality standards. All SEO optimized blogger templates that are purely optimized for the latest SEO techniques. Search Engine Love SEO Friendly Blogger Template. These templates are built with the latest technology Css3 and Html5 tags that require the latest SEO techniques. In addition these themes show in the meta author tag, schema tag SERP result which helps to boost site ranking.

As I mentioned all the tips of On page SEO for Blogspot, now you can fully optimize your blog to generate organic traffic and if you want to increase more website traffic then other posts in this blog Keep looking at If this blogger tutorial helped you then share it to say thanks. Happy Blogging.

Adsense approved blogger templates 2020 | Best SEO friendly blogger template

Top 5 Best  Adsense Friendly Blogger Template in 2020 | Friends, as you all will know how important it is for you to have a good Blogger Theme to make a good blog, here I have found  5 such Blogger themes for you by which you can earn your Adsense earning by many times. You can grow.

What is blogging | How to blogging | Why Blogging | blogging tips

what is Blogging today? How to blogging? Why Blogging? What is necessary for this, we are going to talk about it in the above ditail, you must have seen that when we want to know something, we search about it in Google and we get lots of results about it and we ask them Get your information.

What is blogging

What is blogging? How to blogging? Why Blogging?

What is Blogging whenever you Google? How to blogging? Why Blogging? If you search for any of these, then you get a lot of results coming in front of us, but we do not get some specific information about Blogging and a lot of our time also gets spoiled.

Friends, but now you do not have to be a dud because what is blogging on How Tech English? How to blogging? Why Blogging? You will be able to know about what is necessary for this in very easy language and in many ditails.

What is blogging?

 Blogging means that you share your thoughts or say that you share your knowledge with other people through online methods, such as about technology, blogging and what I know here. . I write a blog post about you and understand where blogging goes.

 if you have very good knowledge and you can share this knowledge with others and teach them something, then you can teach by creating your own blog, but for this you should come to understand by writing in your language.

How to blogging?

now know how to do blogging? You need two important things to do blogging



if you have a computer and Internet, then you can easily create your own free blog in a few minutes, there are many websites on the Internet which gives you the facility to create a blog for free. You can sineup these sites by creating your blog. Can start blogging. Below is the list of sites that make you a free blog.


 if you want to create a professional blog, then you will have to spend about 10 to 15 thousand rupees for this year. You have to buy the domain name and hosting and setup it according to your own. If you are blogging for the first time then you should first create a free blog. Yes, if you are successful, then you can change your blog from free to pro blog.

Why Blogging?

now you know what is blogging? How to blogging? But the biggest question is why do you want to blogging and on which subject you should blogging. See, by initiating this, you have to decide that you are trying not to get blogging money but to prove yourself in front of the world.

See, in this world, only those people who get talent are respected, but it is also true that some people should not adopt the talent in front of the world, but today there are many mediums, one of them is Blogging.

You can start Blogging in part time, you have to do it in 2 to 3 hours and it should be started from today itself.

Friends, if you do well in Blogging, then you can also earn very good money from it.

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How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL And .html

Hello friends, welcome to the bloggeratoz blog, today I will teach you how you can remove the date from the Blogger Post URL.

First of all, it is technically Impossible to remove the date from the URL of the blogger's post! So there will be a question in your mind that a lot of websites are told on the internet! Is this wrong! Yes You can never delete the blog post date, in all the websites that are told to you, it is just a Redirection Loop using JavaScript.

 Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

Removing Date From Blogger Post URL

If your blog is very old, then you do not have to remove the date, if you do this, then your post will be ranked in Google and your traffic will also go.

If you have started a new blog, then you can delete the date, but I do not feel that you remove what you have, let it be the same, it is more right.

Deleting Date from Javascript means setting a redirection loop, you will only see that the date has been deleted but the date is not deleted, whatever remains in Blogger's system will remain the same.

By doing this, your SEO may also be affected.

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL Step By Step

Open Your Blogger's Dashboard and click on the theme option.

After this you will see an icon of right corner foot three dot, click on it and click on Edit HTML.

After this, the HTML code editor will open in front of you, now you have to press Ctrl + F from the keyboard and search </head>.
After this, you have to copy and paste the JavaScript code below at the top of the </head>.

After this you have to save this file.

After saving the file, you refresh the blog once and visit one of the posts and see if the date is removed from the URL and .html of the post. 

So friends, I hope that you would have liked this information, if you liked it and feel that it is helpful, then share this post in social media.