Hello friends, welcome to the bloggeratoz blog, today I will teach you how you can remove the date from the Blogger Post URL.

First of all, it is technically Impossible to remove the date from the URL of the blogger's post! So there will be a question in your mind that a lot of websites are told on the internet! Is this wrong! Yes You can never delete the blog post date, in all the websites that are told to you, it is just a Redirection Loop using JavaScript.

 Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

Removing Date From Blogger Post URL

If your blog is very old, then you do not have to remove the date, if you do this, then your post will be ranked in Google and your traffic will also go.

If you have started a new blog, then you can delete the date, but I do not feel that you remove what you have, let it be the same, it is more right.

Deleting Date from Javascript means setting a redirection loop, you will only see that the date has been deleted but the date is not deleted, whatever remains in Blogger's system will remain the same.

By doing this, your SEO may also be affected.

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL Step By Step

Open Your Blogger's Dashboard and click on the theme option.

After this you will see an icon of right corner foot three dot, click on it and click on Edit HTML.

After this, the HTML code editor will open in front of you, now you have to press Ctrl + F from the keyboard and search </head>.
After this, you have to copy and paste the JavaScript code below at the top of the </head>.

After this you have to save this file.

After saving the file, you refresh the blog once and visit one of the posts and see if the date is removed from the URL and .html of the post. 

So friends, I hope that you would have liked this information, if you liked it and feel that it is helpful, then share this post in social media.


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