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what is Blogging today? How to blogging? Why Blogging? What is necessary for this, we are going to talk about it in the above ditail, you must have seen that when we want to know something, we search about it in Google and we get lots of results about it and we ask them Get your information.

What is blogging

What is blogging? How to blogging? Why Blogging?

What is Blogging whenever you Google? How to blogging? Why Blogging? If you search for any of these, then you get a lot of results coming in front of us, but we do not get some specific information about Blogging and a lot of our time also gets spoiled.

Friends, but now you do not have to be a dud because what is blogging on How Tech English? How to blogging? Why Blogging? You will be able to know about what is necessary for this in very easy language and in many ditails.

What is blogging?

 Blogging means that you share your thoughts or say that you share your knowledge with other people through online methods, such as about technology, blogging and what I know here. . I write a blog post about you and understand where blogging goes.

 if you have very good knowledge and you can share this knowledge with others and teach them something, then you can teach by creating your own blog, but for this you should come to understand by writing in your language.

How to blogging?

now know how to do blogging? You need two important things to do blogging



if you have a computer and Internet, then you can easily create your own free blog in a few minutes, there are many websites on the Internet which gives you the facility to create a blog for free. You can sineup these sites by creating your blog. Can start blogging. Below is the list of sites that make you a free blog.








 if you want to create a professional blog, then you will have to spend about 10 to 15 thousand rupees for this year. You have to buy the domain name and hosting and setup it according to your own. If you are blogging for the first time then you should first create a free blog. Yes, if you are successful, then you can change your blog from free to pro blog.

Why Blogging?

now you know what is blogging? How to blogging? But the biggest question is why do you want to blogging and on which subject you should blogging. See, by initiating this, you have to decide that you are trying not to get blogging money but to prove yourself in front of the world.

See, in this world, only those people who get talent are respected, but it is also true that some people should not adopt the talent in front of the world, but today there are many mediums, one of them is Blogging.

You can start Blogging in part time, you have to do it in 2 to 3 hours and it should be started from today itself.

Friends, if you do well in Blogging, then you can also earn very good money from it.
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