Adsense Approval Trick for Blogger 2021

Google Adsense Approval Trick for Blogger 2021: If you have a blog or website and do not have Adsense Approval then you must take Adsense Approval after reading this post Adsense Approval Trick.

Congratulations if you have already approved your site's AdSense account. I will also explain in this post how you are going to approve a free Blogspot domain using some small tricks.

Which forum is best for beginners to start a blog or web site. Blogger vs. WordPress is better for a newcomer.

Google Adsense is the world's most common and highest-paid advertising network and so many bloggers use Adsense to monetize their website.

In this post, I will clear up all the questions about absenteeism as to why their Adsense application forbade the Adsense team, and what challenges you faced while applying for Adsense.

Many bloggers use Google Adsense to earn more than lakhs in a month.

If you do not have a fully approved Adsense account, do not worry how to authorize your Adsense account in this article, I will give you a definite solution.

Until you direct, I send some clear answers to your questions that will arise in your mind.

Adsense Approval Trick for Blogger 2021

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Who is eligible for applying Adsense account?

When you have a domain name you will be registered for AdSense. This is the first criteria to apply for an Adsense account before applying.

To successfully authorize an Adsense account, they primarily require 2 websites or blogs (domain + hosting), content (useful single content).

I will explain in this post that if your website is found then your application should be accepted.

I am sure that after reading this Adsense Approval trick, you will approve your Adsense account and start earning from Adsense.


Adsense Approval Tricks or Adsense Approval Guide 2021
If you intend to start a blog then you must read this one WhatsApp blog. And just how quickly you buy a domain.

If you do not know about the site and domain then it will solve all your queries and send you a pushup to get your site started quickly.

Adsense which allows for the number of rejections of applications and most rejection by the Adsense team in a day.

This guide briefly explains why your Adsense account earned rejection and how to address those people. If you are still facing rejection of an Adsense account, don't worry, I'll give you the top 5 Adsense approval tricks to authorize your guaranteed AdSense account.

Now some questions are arising in your mind, my website is hosting on Blogspot and Google does not approve b so stop worrying because Google does not see which domain or hosting you have.

Google simply decides that your website should be user friendly or SEO friendly and that your content should be original and helpful.

Only my website was also hosting on Blogspot and I have no problem hosting Blogspot.

Google Adsense apps are usually bots but in some cases manual approvals are available. The amount of the application goes into Adsense in a day, so do not worry if it takes time to apply.

Now consider how long it takes to actually authorize an Adsense account. Approval time can be one day, three days or one or two days.

The Adsense Approval team is becoming tighter day by day due to some users. An approved Adsense account on the market is selling for a few dollars because the Adsense team always reviews and then approves each account for this illegal activity.

What is it when you don't know Adsense? And how it is working. Then you need to check the details guide, this guide will help to increase your Adsense earnings.

This approval guide is written entirely from my Adsense approval experience, so after reading this post you need to approve your account. If you do not approve, you need to know the reason that your application is rejected Why has it been done.

Steps for Adsense approval
 Make sure you have to comply or understand, you will accept Adsense account number if you understand.

There are simply no other tricks out there, just you need to take general measures to authorize an AdSense account.

So in a few easy steps, I will clarify all the guidelines of Adsense and you will follow those steps before implementing Adsense for your website.

 1. Add Custom Domain

 First of all, I discuss how to approve it if your website is created in Blogger.

Point number one You must have a TLD (top level domain) or custom domain (eg - .com, .in, .uk,, .edu, ...).

Are you thinking that I can't approve using the "" domain, yes you can approve using the Blogspot domain, but to create a personal brand in front of Google Think and approve it No time for this?

Are you thinking that I cannot approve Adsense using free domain or subdomain? The answer is yes, but if you use a free domain, control is not in your hands and the administrator can remove the domain as you wish.

You can use free domain as an experiment or blogging and learn how Google algorithms work. After some time you can shift to the custom domain.

If your website is available in WordPress then you definitely look for a custom domain because WP does not take advantage of the free domain.

So I suggest that you should buy a custom domain for one year and the custom domain advantage is that you can create branding of your website. Remember that your custom domain must be in well-known extensions (.com, .in,, .info, .org, .edu,…).

To get traffic from around the world, you must have a global domain such as .com, .net, .in, .info, .org, etc.

If you choose a domain like .ooo, .tk then it affects your SEO ranking from Google.

 If you know the importance of domain extension then you will get a better idea.

In the market, you get the most reliable, trusted domain name registrars such as Godaddy, namespace, and more.

Now you have purchased a domain and you want to start a website in WordPress, then you have to buy hosting.

I suggest you buy Bluehost Hosting and the advantage of Bluehost Hosting is that it gives you TLD free for 1 year.

Connect your domain to your hosting. This can be Blogspot or WordPress.

2. Optimize website for faster load

 If your website loading time is too much, the chances of approval are reduced, so try using a lightweight theme for your blog.

You can use the free theme for AdSense approval, it does not arrest any problem during AdSense approval.

Which theme you do not use, but you must remember that this theme is responsive and mobile-friendly.

You can choose free themes for Blogger -

     News plus
     The fastest

I have been approved using my blog NewsPlus Free theme and you can use it as well. This theme is so stylish and you can use it for any niche website.

For WordPress, you can choose -

     Magazine light

Both themes are responsive and you can use one theme for your blog.

Google's 2020 core update states that if your website speed is not good, your website cannot rank because the user is not satisfied with your website and this creates frustration with Google.

3.Compulsory page for approval

I am talking about us, about us, privacy policy and disclaimer. These pages generate a positive trust from the Adsence team.

If you do not have these pages on your website, then your application is rejected by Adsense Team.

You have to see that these page links should also be added to the header, footer and homepage.

About us

About Us the page which is required for a website because the website on this page explains in detail what your website is and details of some of your businesses.

Try to write detailed information about us so that users can easily understand your website.

Privacy Policy Page

According to the About Us page, the Privacy Policy page is the most important because you will write a statement to protect the users of your website.

You can get privacy policy details from Google, search for "Terms and Conditions Template" in Google and copy and paste that page.

The Privacy Policy page requires some simple modifications ie email and website name.

The privacy policy page does not come with copyright as it is the same for all websites.

There are many auto-generated websites that give you the full proof privacy policy page.

Disclaimer page

The the disclaimer is most important because this page states that if something was inadvertently written in error, it helps to avoid it.

Contact us page

If a the website wants to contact the user then it will get all the contact information like email id, phone number, etc.

If you do not know what you want to write in these pages, then there is some website that creates all the pages in one click.

Number of posts before applying for AdSense approval

  Already I explain that this is the second rule before applying for AdSense. Google always wants good quality content for users.

Some users create a website and write one or two posts and apply for Adsense, this is the main mistake for their application rejection.

Before applying Adsense, your website should have 15 pus posts with quality content.

You can write a minimum of 1200+ words in each post and wait for all application index in Google.

Do not stop writing posts after applying for AdSense and keep posting continuously as per your schedule.

The best the thing about Google Adsense is that it does not require any type of limited traffic, so if there is zero traffic to your website then there is no problem for approval.

100% Guaranteed Adsense Approval Trick

 This the trick even I apply for my Adsense approval if you have new people and want to start blogging a free subdomain from "Blogspot".

You should consider the below points before starting a blog in as the the same strategy is also for this blog
  •       Use a custom domain.
  •       15-20 quality posts now.
  •       Now buy a domain name that you believe in and it should expire 1 year.
  •       Wait 1 or 2 weeks for your post to be indexed in Google.
  •       Now you can apply for Adsense.

I guarantee you 100% that if you follow the above Adsense approval trick then your blog is definitely approved by the Adsense team.

Keep posting your content for 3 weeks and wait for the approval. I already explained that the Google Adsense team takes time for approval so be patient.

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