Google Home Smart Speaker Bluetooth review

Google Home Smart Speaker Bluetooth
Google Home Smart Speaker Bluetooth

If you own a Google Home smart speaker and often connect it to playing music on your smartphone or tablet, you've probably noticed a Bluetooth connection issue that causes the device to disconnect frequently. This is one that we have also encountered and complained about the topic on numerous forum posts and Twitter threads, it is fairly widespread. However, there is hope for Google Home World owners around the world, as Google has finally acknowledged the problem and said that a solution will be worked for it as well.

Google's responses to a Twitter complaint and forum post were identified by Android Police and is the first proper acknowledgment of a long-standing issue with smart speakers from Google Home and the Google Nest series. Google has stated in the responses that it is aware of the issue and is working for a solution, though it may be argued that the responses are too late and that this 'solution' should have been found by now.

When connected to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, the Google Home device works correctly to play music at startup. Various complaints (and our personal experience) indicate that the speaker automatically disconnects from the Bluetooth device after a few minutes of working correctly. This is annoying because Bluetooth connectivity is a major task for any speaker, smart or otherwise.

Smart speakers, such as Google Home, are not too stressed as Bluetooth speakers because they rely on Wi-Fi connections to stream music directly from online services, or to allow audio streaming from compatible devices. However, Bluetooth audio connectivity is a widely used feature, especially when you are storing music on a device or want to rely on certain music streaming services or playlists that are not available through voice commands.

All this said, it is welcome news that Google has finally acknowledged that it is a problem, especially since it has been published on various charges for more than a year. While there is no definite timeline for when it will arrive, we can expect to see this fix in the coming months.

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