JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones Review 2020

Best known for cars and home audio products, the JVC brand is used for several other product lines in India, including television, earphones, and headphones. The company recently launched a new line of wired and wireless audio products in India, starting at Rs. 799 to Rs. 9,999. The new range includes 10 in the JVC HA, a relatively affordable pair of genuine wireless earphones.

JVC HA-10 is one of the truly wireless earphones that you can buy from a major global brand today, with competition from Indian brands like Prices, Boat and Noise. Do these genuine wireless earphones compete to compete in affordable places in India? Find it in our review.

JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones

JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones

10 Designs and Specifications at JVC HA

We are accustomed to seeing fancy styling and premium materials used in high-end genuine wireless earphones, but the budget section usually looks at functional, basic designs. That said, the 10 earphones on the JVC HA did a good job of looking good despite the price constraints; The earphones are fully plastic, but feel well together and tight. They are not too big, and light enough to simply anchor your ear with the tips of the ear.

These earphones are available in four colors - black, gray, pink and blue - with the outer surface sporting a different matte finish to the body of the earphones. Each earphone has a single physical button that controls playback (single press on both sides), volume (double-press left to decrease and right to increase volume), and track skipping (long-press left to the east, next to right). A triple-press on the left earphone prompts a voice assistant on a paired smartphone.

Pressing the buttons requires some force - and usually a three-finger grip on the earphones - and not as easy as the touch controls. But the buttons work well and the effort required means we were less likely to accidentally hit them or trigger the wrong function. Each earphone has a small dimming indicator light when they are charged and shows connection status. The headset uses Bluetooth 5 for connection and only supports the SBC Bluetooth code.

Unlike most pairs of genuine wireless earphones, the JVC HA has only a single microphone on the 10 left earbuds. It is the active earbud that connects to the source device, while the right earbud connects to the left. So you can just use your left earbud for music or voice calls.

The earphones are IPX5-rated for water resistance and will be able to safely handle sweat or a few drops of water.

The sales package includes five pairs of ear tips - three silicone, two foam. We generally like the foam ear tips for the secure fit and better sound separation they offer, but many people prefer silicone that feels less 'sticky'. That said, the foam tips that come with the JVC HA-10 have offered us a very sturdy, incredibly sound detachable fit that helps improve sound quality as well as comfort.

The case matches the color of the earphones for all variants and is as functional and rigid as them. There are four battery indicator lights on the front, a micro-USB port on the back for charging, and an id lid that is magnetically closed when turned off. The case is a bit larger than what we are accustomed to seeing in the segment and it is not very pocketable.

The JVC HA claims an additional four hours for the ears and an additional ten hours for the case (two and a half to four thousand extra charges for the earphones) for a total of 14 hours for the charge cycle of 10 genuine wireless earphones. We are able to match this claim; This is not exceptional for the department, but decent enough.

10 performances at JVC HA

We have reviewed many of the truly wireless earphones featured affordable features and can get the form factor and functionality precisely but they usually do not offer the same level of sound quality as medium-range or premium offers. Although the 10 sounds great in HA; These prices are significantly better than anything else and there is also a double price for such an option.

We used earphones with OnePlus 7 Pro (Review) for review, listening to music, watching videos and receiving voice calls through a typical working day on streaming services and throughout our high-resolution audio collection. The JVC HA-10 earphones only support the SBC Bluetooth codec, but it doesn't seem to hold the sound quality at all.

Beginning with Father O'Reilly by The Who, the value of the offer here was immediately apparent. The sound was cocktail, clear, detailed, and incredibly abruptly involved with the cavity, when the drums and Roger Daltrey's vocals kicked in, the instrumentation split was particularly striking in the JVC HA-10, each of which had a distinctive and refreshing feel to the timeless rock classic. Clear. The soundstage was equally impressive, with every ear trying to give a strong sense of direction.

Moving from a different genre to another classic, we just heard of Fatboy Slim's Right Heir, which once again highlighted the level of detail and depth that JVC HA can achieve at 10. Some of the weaker elements on the track were shiny and present despite the crisp and heavy main hooks.

The HA-A10T's sonic signature is unbelievably neutral, aggressive, with plenty of audience choice for a tight bus hold, with ample propensity for medium range and height. It was especially audible on one of our favorite high-resolution test tracks, 9000 miles by pendulum. This aggressive drum-and-bus track allows the arrow to lead without any other frequency being driven across the range. The result was a sound that was aggressive, punchy, and driven, while at the same time giving the most detailed insight into the track that we heard that with a genuine wireless earphone we could get Rs. 10,000.

In Netsky's Love Is Gone, we heard the first real flaw in the word we liked so far. With this nationally busy track, earphones have not been able to keep up with a lot of different, fast-moving components. This is where we missed the presence of advanced Bluetooth codecs, but the JVC HA's 10 true wireless earphones do an impressive job with everyone except the busiest track despite the technical limitations.

The JVC is capable of handling up to 10 voice calls in the HA but it is better than this. The noise on the voice calls was very soft and just the presence of a microphone meant that we needed to be in a quiet environment to hear the caller. At home and in the office, this was not an issue, but outside, with earphones, it was very difficult to hear or hear.


Despite its limitations, 10 in JVC HA is Rs. 3.999. By taking this long shot we put the best listening pair at this price and double the price options for shame. We would, without a doubt, recommend this headset to anyone looking for an affordable pair of genuine wireless earphones, thanks to its detailed sound and adaptive sonic signature.

The earphones are not without problems, as expected on an affordable headset. Micro-USB charging, the inability to keep track of the busiest tracks, and poor performance on voice calls mean that even the JVC HA-10 isn't perfect at this price. However, if sound quality and comfort are your most important criteria, there is nothing better than a JVC HA-10 at this price today.

Price: Tk 2,5. 3.999

The professionals

    Detailed sound, fantastic soundstage
    Neutral, adaptive sonic signature
    Light, comfortable
    Foam ear tips are included in the box
    IPX5 water resistance


    Micro-USB charging
    The sound can beat the edge with fast tracks
    Poor for voice calls

Rating (out of 5)

    Design / comfort: 4
    Audio Quality: 3.5
    Battery life: 3.5
    Value for money: 4.5
    Overall: 3.5

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