Olympus Tough TG-6 Review

Olympus Tough TG-6

Olympus Tough TG-6

The Olympus Doug TG-6 is a compact camera with a 12 MP1 / 2.33-inch sensor. What makes it special is that it is designed for survival, can be extended up to 2.5 meters, can be squeezed into 5 kg, frozen at -1 ° C and can carry up to 15 meters of water without housing. This waterproof also means it is dust-proof so you can use it on the beach and not worry if you throw it away.

Olympus Toff developed the TG-6
sensor with Trump's eighth processing engine. The same engine on the Olympus OM-DE-M1 II (and TG-5) TG-6 helps to have a sensitivity range of ISO 100–12,800.

The TG-5 replaces it, and the TG-6 has a lens equal to a focal length of 25-100 mm. At the lens width angle, the maximum aperture is f / 2.0 and at the end of the telephoto, it is f / 4.9. This is a useful range for public photography and the large aperture means that the shutter speed can be kept under low light or underwater.

The target market for the Olympus Doug TG-6 can be families who love adventurers, divers, and baby-safe cameras, and the TG-5 has proven popular with experienced photographers, who prefer cameras that can be used in extreme situations. I think TG-5's ability to record source files may be part of the draw, so it would be nice to see it continue with TG-6.

Like the TG-1, the TG-6 has super macro and microscope modes. The Super Macro Mode reduces the distance from the lens to the nearest focus distance by only 1 cm, while the Microscope Mode adds the ability to magnify large objects in the frame.

Additionally, there is a recording system that can record GPS, pressure, depth, temperature and altitude data using an electronic compass to show the direction of travel.

Olympus Tough TG-6
Wax Photo Video, Park Camera and Amazon UK and PH Photo Video is available in the United States from Adorama and Amazon.com.
Continuous shooting

The Olympus Duck TG-6
is designed with adventure in mind, so its best-rated continuous shooting rate is 20fps (frames per second). However, the Pro Capture mode makes it easy to get the shots you want. The peak shooting rate in this mode is 10fps but a 5-figure rolling buffer.

It starts with half the pressure of the shutter button and when the button is pressed home, the last 5 images are stored on the card while the camera is playing. Registration will stop once the shutter button is released. This means you can catch the action from half to 10fps before you fully suppress the shutter output.

Pro capture mode is perfect for passing and shooting incredible moments.

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Olympus TG-6 4B 93840 x 2160) is capable of shooting video up to 30p or 25p and 102 Mbps. Also, you can shoot full HD (1920 × 1080) video up to 120fps. This means you can take action for dramatic slow-motion playback.

Videos are recorded as MPig4 / H.264 moving files.
Key specifications
    Sensor: 12MP1 / 2.33-inch CMOS
    Lens: 4.5 equivalent 18.0mm (25-100mm equivalent) f / 2.0-4.9
    Screen: 3-inch LCD with 1,040,000 points
    Attention: DTL IESP Contrast Detection System, Single AF, Face Detection AF, Spot, AF
    Tracking, manual focus, super macro mode
    The closest focus distance: 1 cm.
    Exposure mode: I-Auto, Program, Slot Priority, Custom Shooting, Underwater,
    Microscopy, visual mode, art filter, movie film
    Continuous Shooting: 20fps for 14 source files or as long as the card is not filled with JPEGs, Pro
    Capture mode up to 10fps
    Maximum video resolution: 4P (3840 x 2160) 30P, 25P (about 102 MPHS).
    Storage: SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
    Dimensions: 113 x 66 x 32.4 mm (without protection)
    Weight: 253 grams (with battery and memory card)

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