Fletro Pro V5.4 Responsive Blogger Template with AMP

Fletro pro blogger template: Fletro Pro v5.4 is a Blogger template designed for mobile-first or prioritized mobile displays, but this does not mean desktop displays are ignored. It is just that the trend of Internet users is currently gradually shifting from desktop to mobile, as evidenced by the mobile user statistics which are increasing every year. The appearance is modern and elegant in terms of features or template layout, moreover, this template is made more user friendly, the layout of each element is neatly organized and does not interfere with the convenience of visitors to the blog.

Fletro Pro V5.4 Responsive Blogger Template with AMP

Fletro Pro V5.4 Blogger TemplateFeatures

 Fast Loading:

 As stated earlier, this template is designed to be user-friendly so that the user experience is prioritized, including the speed of loading the blog. We maximize the use of CSS and HTML for some template features and minimize Jquery or JavaScript usage in templates, including icon usage.

 SEO Friendly

 The templates are SEO friendly designed starting with breadcrumbs that have been indexed by Google in other markup schemes.

 Responsive & User Friendly

 The size of the template is flexible and there are massively arranged layouts maximizing CSS performance on each screen. Unlike most Blogger templates, layout changes will not appear forced when displayed on mobile.
Template features are maximum for users (both blog visitors and blog managers), all menus can be easily Dieted on the blog platform
A feature added is 'Night Mode' which is darkened to change the color of the template so that the article is more comfortable for visitors to read at night.

 SVG Icon

 Fletro Pro is the lightest and most stable of other web fonts, such as Font Awesome, web fonts are loaded using third-party servers, which means more data and loading time to load a page Is required even if it is a fraction of a second but has an impact on user experience.

 Fletro pro-Other features

  •   Schema markup and validated Google testing tool  
  • Fully responsive

  •      The template has added a markup schema to help search engines understand the structure of the blog and has passed the Google Structured Data Testing Tool which means more value on SEO blogs.

  •      Optimize ad

  •      The template provided AdSense ad slots at the top, middle, and bottom of the article, including slots for ad-matched content.

  •      Interactive search form

  •      Header slide menu

  •      Breadcrumbs (Sudah index google)

  •      related post

  •      Position in the middle and bottom of the article can be easily
changed with matching content ads below the article.
  •      Numbered Blog Navigation

  •      Lazy Youtube Videos (Responsive)

  •      Custom error page

  •      Share button

  •      Easy to customize, change or add another share button

  •      Back to top button

  •      Blogger comment v2

  •      Can be easily converted into Disqus comments.

  •      Other features will be added as per the input and requests of the users of this template.

  •      more...



 This time I will share a theme Fletro Pro Premium Responsive Blogger Template-looking Professional Premium Blogger Template, a responsive and highly customized theme with great SEO features, it automatically adjusts its width according to users' screen size or device type Can accommodate.
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