11 Best Audio Music Player Apps For Android In 2021

Audio Music Player Apps:  A Audio player is something that comes either pre-installed or by default on smartphones, but for our Android system, why do we still need a third-party music application? Okay, there may be a host of explanations for that. For example, a default music program may not have the specific function you're looking for, or it may not be strong enough even if there is one.

Nearly every Android smartphone now comes with Google Play Music. It's an easy-to-use framework providing all conventional features along with cloud streaming support. Nonetheless, there are still a number of advanced features that other devices provide in the fields of file storage, configuration, and sound control.

Best Audio Music Player Apps

11 Best Audio Music Player Apps For Android In 2021

11. JetAudio music player

 JetAudio users appreciate this program because of its simplicity and sturdiness. It features a ten bands graphic equalizer with more than 30 different settings to choose from and numerous improvements to sound effects such as X-Bass, Reverb, and Big.

The program supports common audio formats such as mp3, wav, FLAC, m4a, tta, wv and so on. It's also able to play audio files from your home network (shared folders) via WiFi.

Users wanting to have an ad-free experience with advanced features can use its premium version. Other pro features include 20-band graphical EQ, tag editor (for different types of files), various lock screen options, pitch shifter, and support for MIDI playback.

10. Rocket Music Player

 Rocket Music Player is a mobile application rich in features that allow users to browse, play, and manage songs very easily on their smartphones. The app supports a large variety of media formats including wav, ogg, m4a, alac, tta, ape, mpc, wav, and other common container formats.

Certain apps include a ten-band graphic editor, tag editor, custom lock-screens, and timer for sleep. Over 30 themes can be tailored to the user. And yes, it supports features such as scrobbling, Android Auto, and Chromecast as well.

9. PlayerPro Music Player

 PlayerPro might not be as popular as some of the music players on the list, but don't just let it trick you by a few numbers. The software comes with many advanced features, which are otherwise uncommon, such as tag editor, ten-band equalizer, convenient import/export capability, etc. Its smart playlist and efficient folder management ensure you can quickly locate your favorite song or album.

I consider their code intuitive with a great many choices after a quick review of the app. Design skins and DSP packs can also be mounted at your own will.

There are two different versions of the app; one free, limited release, and one paid. The restricted edition remains advertising-free from activation for about ten days after.

8. AIMP Music Player

AIMP music player for Android is known for its simplicity and offers all the functionality you'll need to play songs on a daily basis in any music player program. It may be the most beautiful of the lot but it will get the job done. On the replay screen, all the essential function buttons like shuffle and repeat are right. You also get features such as sleep timer, speed control of the playback, speaker control, equalizer, etc.

Hidden down in the hamburger menu, the configuration option includes several useful and advanced options to get the most out of the player. You can also handle map control and customize how you want the most out of it. One of my favorite features is tap the name of the song and get the important information of the song including artist, writer, genre, year, file size, bitrate and location of the recording.

7. n7 Music Player

Next on the list is n7player, a popular music player known for its user-friendly and creative design. The software helps you to access songs and music collections one-click away. There is a ten-band equalizer, which helps you to twitch songs to your taste. Often there are several presets.

The one thing we would like to see is that the app can be updated almost entirely. You can customize anything from the lock-screen to widgets. Certain apps include the tag editor, scrobbling audio, gapless replay, sleep timer, and art grabber set.

6.  Apple Music Player

Yeah, Apple Music is also available on the Play store for those who are curious, and is no longer limited to Apple users. While I must admit that overall the application is pretty good, it does not perform at the level of its original iOS version.

The app allows users to access more than 30 million songs from Apple's media library, along with Beats 1, a popular Apple-operated 24-hour music radio station. Even hundreds of other unique materials can be explored.

Given the beauty you'll find in almost any other Apple product, the software is fraught with all kinds of problems. Nonetheless, much like its iOS version, Apple Music comes with a free trial period of three months, during which you can enjoy the service without advertising.

5. Musicolet Music Player

If you're looking for a powerful music player app that will only play local audio files from your Android device, then maybe Musicolet is the best available choice. It's a lightweight, easy-to-use, and yet feature-rich music app that supports no cloud or media sharing activities of any sort.

Its primary aim is to provide its users with advanced offline functionality which otherwise is not provided by default music players and even by many third-party apps. Musicolet allows you to create/manage several queues for your tracks, and use earphone control options to access them.

Certain features include a tag editor that supports embedded lyrics to modify lyrics and additional metadata. There is also a sleep-timer in case you need to stop after a particular period.

4. DoubleTwist Music Player

 Looking for a music app that can be used as a podcast host, too? If so, then look no further than doubleTwist, which can become your new music player app from now on. Its simple interface allows users to easily navigate between podcast manager and music app.

To those that need advanced features such as Gapless replay, fast album art search, and AirSync, a pro version of the app is also available, which allows you to synchronize all your music files to a different device over WiFi. Also, the Pro version includes support for DLNA and Chromecast.

 3. Pulsar Music Player

 Pulsar is perhaps among Android users' favorite music devices, and for obvious reasons. It is a user-friendly, sleek, and ads-free program with powerful features that can meet all your music needs.

With Pulsar, you can use a built-in tag editor to play and manage all your music files, perform fast searches, and edit songs/albums metadata. The app also comes with the ability to render Gapless playback, Crossfade support, ReplayGain, and audio visualizer.

It comes with a sleep timer, and help for Last.fm scrobbling. It's a fairly good application apart from just a few bugs here and there, and definitely worth your time.

2.  MediaMonkey Music Player

 MediaMonkey is a music player app equipped with Android features. The library can be browsed by songs, audiobooks, podcasts, musicians, styles, tracks, and even composers. The view of the folder is available for a 15 day trial period. His search algorithm is fast and shows both artist and track predictively.

 MediaMonkey can download the art and the lyrics from your missing song. For Windows, you can synchronize your Android player with MediaMonkey. Only you can display a track's search bar in the Notification panel by enabling it in Settings. Additional apps include a sleep timer, tag editor, and home screen widgets, but not limited to those.

1. VLC Music Player

 If you're reading our list of Windows' best media players, you'll find the subject listed on the popular and open-source media player VLC. So, to check out its Android version for playing MP3 and other audio files made perfect sense to me. Although VLC might not seem the most attractive-looking choice out there, it is certainly among the best when it comes to efficiency and compatibility with different file formats. Most of you may already know VLC as a video and audio player that can play virtually anything.

Unlike other devices, VLC has a dedicated audio section scanning all the music saved on your phone and sorting all the material into different tabs: artists, songs, tracks, and genres. The multiple menu/choice buttons are not very intuitive in various locations, but they do the job. You get features such as sleep timer, speed change for playback, equalizer, set as a ringtone, and other basic feature found in almost all Android music players.

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