Best Blogging Tools 2021

Best Blogging Tools: Looking for some useful blogging tools to improve your blogging experience and earnings?

Don't worry about this, I'll suggest you some blogging tools just be with me until the end. Use these blogging tools to increase the content of your blog and to raise earnings.

To be effective in the field of blogging and earn more you need to do a lot of things like Keyword analysis, evaluate competitors, write quality content, increasing your readership, and more, you need some useful blogging tools for these tasks.

You need a lot of blogging tools to investigate keywords, evaluate rivals, write quality content, increase visibility on social media, write stronger headlines, email marketing, improve your sales, create links, and more.

Carefully read this blog post, I'll guide you which are the best blogging tools for keyword research, check backlink, build  page, and which are the best themes, plugins, and page constructors.

Best Blogging Tools 2021

Best Blogging Tools For Beginners in 2021

Grammarly is probably my favorite blogging tool for all of this list. It automatically helps you ensure correct grammar and spelling in your articles! Great writing is key to executing the content strategy for your blog.

Install the browser extension Grammarly (it's free!). Although not all-compatible (like Google Suite), it does work with WordPress. Now you can type right into your WordPress content manager and it will highlight terms or phrases that are not appropriate.

You can also type in the Grammarly software right away. This makes clicking on the correction easy, without interrupting your flow.

2. Ahrefs Best Blogging Tool

 I wanted to discuss Ahrefs while we are on the subject of SEO. Ahrefs is a tool that allows you to study keywords to ensure that you choose the best keywords with the highest traffic and the lowest difficulty to rank for.

While this tool is not free or inexpensive, they do give a two-week trial for free. You can also use their competitors such as Moz or SEMrush (who also have free trials, hint hint). Whichever one you choose, I highly recommend a keyword research tool when you are serious about ranking on Google. You can only use Google Keyword Planner without them, which doesn't really help you find the right keywords.

 Ahrefs has various uses including keyword study, competitor analysis, content explorer (which shows what gets the most shares for any topic), and backlink tracking. This is a fairly detailed device so in just a few paragraphs I can't educate you about anything it does.

3.  Yoast SEO  Blogging Tool

 The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the top blogging tools for search engines, particularly when looking to optimize your WordPress.

Through its plugin features, you can integrate it into your WordPress dashboard, manage slugs, input keywords and more.

By leading you through optimizing your content and enhancing its readability, Yoast helps you build interaction.

There are two options for consumers, which are a free plan with restricted access and a paid plan with complete access and a complimentary upgrade and support for one year.

 How many views is your daily post raking in? Which pages are your read public most interested in?

These problems are essential to the attainment and preservation of audience engagement, which is why Google Analytics is an invaluable blogging resource for 2021.

The analytics tool provides bloggers with their blog's traffic information, and different data based on that.

Gain insights into the desires of your customers with the demographic analytics reports, make seasonal observations on the traffic data from a tweet, and more.

This tool is free to use, and can easily help develop your audience's understanding.

 The Moz SEO tool assists in finding keywords for your write-ups.

Obtain your keyword statistics for both potential and existing posts, and use them effectively when writing your content.

Alongside its free version, Moz also has a paid version. And both versions are not limited to analyzing keywords but also include building links, evaluating metrics, and more.

 Cloud-based storage provides you with the ability not only to keep your data safe and secure but also to access it through all devices.

Imagine trying to access data away from home without your laptop company; by using cloud-based storage, you can do it with your mobile.

Google Drive as opposed to Dropbox is a pick for many bloggers.

This is because there are already high chances that you will be using some other form of Google's software, so using the cloud-based storage brand provides more seamless integration.

 Is this a popular idea for your blog post? You can run the topic through Google Trends to see the volume of searches for the various keywords and phrases you are considering using.

 Why do you turn your brilliant idea into a wide-ranging blog post (which people find easily)? Check for keywords which are that. Google's Keyword Planner allows you to enter a series of keywords, and Google will return search volume and popularity results, as well as related keywords that may spark an idea.

 A lot goes into making a quality blog, with one of these criteria being to have a skilled page template.

Often they have an idea of what their blog will look like but they have difficulty putting it into action.

Because of a lack of design skills or photoshopping apps, many new bloggers have a hard time getting the right themes and images.

In these scenarios, Canva provides the best option, as it guides bloggers to create custom banner designs for their blogs.

Go on making logos, posters, infographics, and more with the free app on a simple interface after registration.

10. Pixabay

 Many sites give you the ability to download royalty-free stock pictures, one of them being Pixabay.

This site helps you get suitable stock images for your content after you have entered a relevant keyword in its search feature.

All features are free to access as opposed to registered users with unregistered users having to go through a Recaptcha.

 Many view MailChimp as the ideal tool for beginners in email marketing and it provides many reasons to justify this perception.

It not only provides automation services but also provides a limited-service free of charge.

You get to use the software until your subscribers have reached the 2000 mark.

Below the 2000 user level, you will be able to send up to 12000 free emails within one month.

If you surpass these thresholds, then you'd need to opt-in for an acceptable premium plan.

 Shutterstock is much like Pixabay because it provides royalty-free stock images for bloggers.

Although this exceeds the latter in terms of picture numbers and quality.

You need to build an account to access Shutterstock images and have the option to opt for a free or premium plan.

One aspect to note is that its free plan features limited, and images on this plan come with the signature of the site.

 Signing up for webmaster software will give your blog posts a lot of SEO opportunities. For example, see where you rank for certain keywords in search engine results and then build links to your most popular keyword posts to increase the rankings even more.

14. Buffer

 Managing all of your social media pages across various sites can be frustrating as well as time-consuming.

Instead of handling them individually, you need a smart way of treating them.

Buffer helps you do this by giving you one-way access to all of your accounts.

Publish your messages, or schedule the process with the Buffer program for a later date.

Although it's time-saving to access all of its features, you'd have to upgrade to your premium plan.

 15. BuzzSumo

 Insert a subject or URL into the search box for BuzzSumo, and you'll get a wealth of content knowledge that works best for sharing social media. BuzzSumo can be very useful in finding the perfect angle to flesh out an existing idea or in looking at the content that works well (and the blogs that do it best) in your niche.

 To put it plainly, MonsterInsights is a dead easy WordPress Google Analytics plugin—which allows you to display your GA data directly in your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin makes our list of the best blogging tools because it allows you to easily connect your WordPress blog to your Google Analytics account (without hiring a developer or writing any code on your own) — a task that can sometimes be a little more complicated than most new bloggers, depending on which of the best WordPress themes you use.

You can set up relatively sophisticated event tracking, eCommerce tracking, form submissions and more features by clicking on just a few buttons in MonsterInsights that will help you better understand your blog readers as you grow.

 What I like about SimilarWeb is their ability to turn the sometimes inscrutable numbers into vibrant graphics which are simple to understand. With the graphic presentations on SimilarWeb, perspectives that might take hours to derive elsewhere while relying solely on numbers can be drawn very quickly.

SimilarWeb 's free edition makes our list of top blogging resources because it lets you see all the paid account does — with the exception that your time span is limited. You can view the traffic stats of a blog's website for the past 3 months with a free account. You can access comprehensive traffic data over six months with a paid account. It also displays traffic worldwide, broken down by country.

 In the niche you're blogging about, there's also a category rank showing your own popularity — for example, food blogging, fashion blogging, travel blogging, or otherwise.

You will evaluate user location data, how much search traffic you get, comparison pages, social traffic, keywords your rate for, paid ads data, and similar sites you are competing with today. Traffic estimates can, therefore, be taken with a grain of salt. SimilarWeb appears to underestimate traffic counts for pages that receive less than 50,000 visitors a month, while also overestimating traffic to others.

 Another of my picks for innovative new blogging resources to burst onto the scene this year is SE Ranking. With a very wide range of features ranging from keyword ranking tracking to analysis tools, competitor monitoring, advanced traffic analytics, marketing planning and more — this is one of the most powerful new blogging tools I've come across in a while, and it's fast becoming an important part of my workflow whenever I update my blog business plan.

 What I like most about SE Ranking is that in addition to the keyword location monitoring feature at the core of the app, this blogging tool also offers a very detailed website audit function that will provide you highly actionable feedback on how to boost the technological SEO footprint of your blog. Although this is among the paying blogging resources on this list here, if you take your blog growth seriously — then SE ranking is worth your time considering weaving into your tech stack.

19. AddThis

 The social networking buttons that I'm using on many of my blog pages are powered by AddThis — and the best? This is a free blogging app that you can install in just minutes.

We offer a range of other blogging resources beyond just the social networking widgets, such as the ability to fill follow buttons around your blog, link promotion toolbars that can guide readers to a particular page on your web, email list building popups, and even relevant content bars that can be positioned strategically within your content to keep readers moving on to the next post.

20. YouTube

 Are you aware that YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine (behind only its parent Google)?

For millions of people looking for answers to the important questions that they have on YouTube every day, this makes it one of the most valuable blogging platforms to help develop your audience, draw more viewers who want to learn from you and increasing your impact. Bloggers who post longer-form videos that keep viewers engaged will be rewarded with climbing the organic rankings in their quest to maximize watch time users spend on YouTube.

Here are a few video ideas (and formats) from YouTube which you can use to create engaging content for your readers:
  • Turn your favorite blog posts into videos
  • Share stories inside your niche blog
  • Create step-by-step videos that readers want to know about a method
  • Address current affairs, news and happenings in the industry (by yourself or with a guest)

At the end of the day, the more YouTube videos you can publish and embed in related posts on your blog, the higher the incentives will likely be from search engines such as Google, which appreciate the near relation between YouTube video embeds and long-form written content.

21. Pikwizard: PikWizard provides thousands of free stock images covering a wide variety of topics. The standard is excellent and there are plenty of portraits depicting people in natural poses-especially for a free stock photography platform. Nothing cheesy about this here.

Even the urban photography collection is remarkable. PikWizard is a fantastic place to look, if you need a beautiful cityscape.

PikWizard offers access to an online photo editor, if you want to get creative without leaving your browser. Most tools and models are luxury designs here but none cost more than a few dollars.

Images available on PikWizard under two licenses: Free and CC0. A CC0 license means that the photographer has surrendered their copyright, whereas a Free license means that they hold the copyright but have granted permission to use their work without charge. More in depth, the full license describes. The photographer need not be credited, but if possible it is appreciated.

Final word: The mentioned blogging resources for beginners can help direct you towards achieving a skilled blog and quality writing-ups for individuals moving into the world of blog posts in 2021.

These tools give you smart and easy ways to accomplish your tasks.

These blogging tools can also be employed by experts to improve productivity and efficiency.

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