Google People Cards: Google India has introduced its new 'people cards' feature to allow people to create their online presence by creating a Search Engine's Digital Visit Card. Know how to build People Cards here and how to use add me to search features.

In India, Google has introduced its new "People Cards" feature that allows users to create their virtual visiting cards and build up their search engine public profiles. The feature of the Google People Cards has been in a testing process in India for some years and has now finally been released. Users need to have a Google Account and include their mobile number on Google Search to build their cards for their people. Here we shared the full details of the People Cards including what it means to people in India, how it can be used to create a Virtual Visiting Card, and others.

For now, the people cards feature is only available to smartphone users in India. People can use their mobile devices to build their own public profiles. The functionality is available only in the English language.

Google Search people cards

What is Google People Cards?

People Cards is Google's new listing app that lets users build their Visiting or Business Cards digitally and improve their online presence.

How People Cards work?

The People Cards app uses Google's Knowledge Graph to view user-shared knowledge.


 How will the People Cards feature be helpful for users?

People's Cards help people grow their online presence and also help them discover others.

The feature offers on Google Search Engine virtual business card-like experience in which individuals can highlight their social media accounts or existing websites to promote their company or public profile.

The public profile created via People Cards will be shown at the top of all search engine results.

Who all can get benefitted from People Cards?

Through the People Cards, individuals, entrepreneurs, workers, influencers, self-employed people, companies, online marketplaces, freelancers and anyone can be gained from being easily discovered while looking.

How to create People Card on Google?

To build your People Card on Google Search follow these steps:

1: Sign in to Google Account

 2: Say "Add Me To List"

 3: Click on the prompt which says "Add to Google Search"

 4: Enter your mobile phone number for verification to complete

 5: Type Single 6-digit Code

 6: Start by adding your location, selecting the image, adding a description of yourself, adding links to your websites or profiles in social media, and email address, if any.

 7: Press Save to

 8: Check Google Search for your profile name and you can see all the shared details available on Google

Is People Card feature reliable enough?

 Search Engine giant Google says that cards for people can only include useful and accurate information because it enables users to raise flags against the material of poor quality, violent, insulting, impersonating, or other misinformation. Google has also put together some safeguards and security tools to ensure the best level of information people exchange.

In addition, a single People Card can be created through a Google Account. The change would aim to eliminate misleading public profiles.

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